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It takes just one post to start a blog for your business- this is mine. 

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Welcome to the New Business Blog

Welcome to the new business blog for Lone Oak Multimedia! It takes just one post to start a business blog for your small business- this is mine. 

There are so many reasons to start a blog for your small business.  If you haven’t figured out why you should start producing business blog content, I’ll just say that you are missing a big opportunity. 

I thought I would start our business blog with a post about starting a business blog with purpose. Sound simple enough? Should be.

Finding the time, energy and motivation to dedicate to a small business blog can be a challenge. Maybe you don’t feel like writing is your thing, but I am here to tell that you can do it! You are passionate about your business and your customers- that’s really all it takes.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to reach customers, you may want to consider starting a blog. If you have a website that isn’t generating much traffic (or much of anything), having a content marketing strategy and blog could be your answer. 

As a startup creative business, I know I need a business blog. I have lectured clients on the value of blogging and I believe I am smart enough to take my own advice to  implement a small business blogging strategy. 

“It only takes just one blog post to start a blog for your small business- this is mine.”

The Benefits of a Small Business Blog

The benefits of blogging for small businesses is fairly straightforward.  There are unlimited resources on the web for you to research why you should be blogging, so I’ll be brief on this topic. 

It breaks my heart when business owners invest in an amazing website and then do nothing  with it. Even if you have to outsource your digital marketing and blogging, do it. 

Most clients I work with are not very technical. They aren’t writers or marketing gurus- they are extremely busy entrepreneurs who are focused on their businesses. I want to  pass along any knowledge that will help them get results from their website investments. 

Your website should be the launching pad of a bigger digital marketing strategy. Ultimately, you want your website found and convert visitors into customers. But you have to get them there, and blogging is a great way to start. 

  1. Establish your business as a leader in your industry 

  2. Find your tribe- create a dialogue and develop relationships with existing and potential customers

  3. Boost your SEO and generate traffic to your site 

  4. Connect people to your brand and company culture

  5. Boost your digital and social media presence and strategy

Finding a Purpose for your Blog

Let’s start with finding a purpose for your blog. We know the reasons above as to why you should be blogging. But finding a greater purpose in this activity can be extremely motivating and rewarding. 

My purpose for this blog is to help other small businesses create a successful online presence that will connect with customers. If I can share information with other small businesses and creatives that will help them accomplish their goals, then this blog is well worth the effort. 

An underlying purpose is simply to help myself. Sure, it will help me build my business and inform potential clients about my services and expertise. This streamlines the sales process and potentially client onboarding process if I include content on my site that helps answer the most common questions. 

Blogging also injects more creativity into your business overall. Writing  helps me get the creative juices flowing to strategize and flesh out my approach to design, user experience, project management, processes and workflow. 

I love to think and be inspired creatively and probably why I was drawn to information technology, web and multimedia design.  It allows me to take a creative and technical approach to my client’s businesses in a helpful way. 

I also geek out on reading about business processes, systems, workflows, digital marketing. personal and professional development, new development techniques, tools, and design trends. I think there is a lot of opportunity to create content that translates these topics for my target audience. 

So this blog will probably be a menagerie of creative inspiration, small business tips,  professional development, and a digital do-it-yourself kind of place to be. I know I should find a niche, but maybe my niche is a little bit of everything that small business owners and soloprenuers like me deal with on a daily basis.

Define your target audience and provide solutions

Who is your ideal customer? What problems do they struggle to solve? Figuring these things out is a great way to start planning out your blog content. 

Back in my sales days, the cornerstone of consultative selling is finding solutions to customer problems. It’s essentially the same thing here. Find topics to write about that offer solutions for your target audience. 

What question or questions do your customers always have about your business, services, or product? Start with one question and write about that. 

Seriously, don't overthink it

I tend to overthink everything. I was talking with my aunt recently about how I was being a perfectionist about every detail on my new website and had yet to launch.  I shared  how difficult it can be to design and write copy for yourself- it’s completely different than working for a client. As a woman business owner, I have to find the confidence to put myself out there and show the world that I love what I do! 

I am discovering that perfectionism is simply a form of procrastination for me. Both are based in fear. This is an issue I must overcome to do what I love. I need to get my work out there!

“If you were a businessMAN, you would have already launched it and fixed it later,”  My aunt said, and she was right. It’s a confidence thing that I don’t believe men deal with as much as women in business and technology. So I launched the new website with the intent to test it and fine tune as I go.

The big blank on my website was the blog.  How should I start my blog? How do I tell my clients that they should be blogging when I can’t decide on my first post? I started several posts in Evernote (oh my gosh do I love Evernote!), and had to be serious and publish something.  

Don’t overthink this, a business blog is just the right thing to add into your marketing strategy and routine.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to have a  completely new and original idea for your first blog post. Build on your industry topics that you are interested in- and you think your target audience would be too.

One post will do it. Just write it and hit “Publish”.  Ready?  GO!

Kickoff a Small Business Blog with Purpose

Kickoff a Small Business Blog with Purpose

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